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Prepare DJI Phantom 4 4K Videos for Editing in Pinnacle Studio 15/16/17

You may find that Pinnacle Studio does not support DJI Phantom 4 4k files. In fact, it's easy to fix the issue. Here is a simple solution.

"I'm starting to get some DJI Phantom 4 great 4k footage and want to be able to do some simple editing in Pinnacle Studio 16, but everything I own has a 4K output. What can i do if i wannat to downscale DJI Phantom 4 4K to 1080p for easier playback and editing in Pinnacle Studio 14/15/16/17?"

Pinnacle Studio is one of the most popular video editing software owned by almost everyone, pro-alike and green hand. It can only work with AVI, WMV files perfectly. If you want to import the (4K) MP4 videos from DJI Phantom 4 to Pinnacle Studio (including the lastest 17.5 and 17/16/14) for editing, you first need to convert DJI Phantom 4 4K MP4/MOV to Pinnacle Studio friendly format such as AVI, WMV files.

Here you can download and apply Brorsoft 4K Video Converter for Mac to achieve the goal in a fast way. It lets you transcode 4K DJI Phantom 4 MOV to MPEG-2, Apple InterMediate Codec, Apple ProRes, DNxHD and more professional codecs. This smart tool can help you convert 4K recordings to your wanted video and audio formats, so as to smoothly add them into Pinnacle Studio , Adobe Premiere Elements, Premiere Pro, iMovie, FCE, FCP, Avid Media Composer to do further editing. If you have 4K video editing issues on Windows PC, get the Video Converter to solve the problem.

Guide: DJI Phantom 4 4K files to Pinnacle Studio best workflow

Step 1: Add DJI 4k files

Install and launch the DJI 4K Video Converter, and then click "Add Files" button to import your DJI Phantom 4 4k MP4/MOV files to the software.

Tip: If you wanna combine 4K video clips into one file, you can click the "Merge into one" box.

Step 2: Select output format

Click “Format” bar to choose "HD Video" -> "AVI HD Video (*.avi)" as output, which seems to be the best one due to the great video quality but small size. Of course, MPG, WMV are also the proper formats for Pinnacle.

Step 3: Convert DJI Phantom 4 4K to Pinnacle Studio

Click the convert button under the preview window, the converter will start encoding DJI Phantom 4 footage for importing to Pinnacle Studio.

Some more helpful features of the DJI Phantom 4K Video Converter:

1. Settings- Click it to customize audio and video parameters Video Codec, bit rate, frame rate, Audio codec, sample rate, audio channels. Notice that you can not “convert up” video quality. If you selected HD Video in Step 2, we advise you to adjust the A/V parameters to be the same with source MP4 footage so as to bear least quality loss at proper file size.

2. Editor (next to "Add" icon)- Click to set add watermark, deinterlace, mute, volume up, trim, crop, etc.

Soon after the conversion is finished, just click "Open" button to get the convert DJI Phantom 4k files for edit in Pinnacle Studio 14/15/16 perfectly.

If you have problems when importing or editing your Canon, Sony, Panasonic etc, camera video files, you can check out "Brorsoft Camcorder/Camera Importing Tips" or "FCE, FCP, iMovie Column"to get your solutions.

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